The Results Start When You Do


Congratulations! If you are visiting the DMS website, you have shown your “entrepreneurial spirit”. Many of the most successful practices arise from developing a team of experienced professionals. It seems you are seeking such support to help you realize your vision and you’ve come to the right place! Helping you build or further develop a successful practice and team is what DMS can do for you.

Gayle Suarez founded DMS, Inc. in 1999 following her 24-year career working in dental practices. She has consulted with over 100 practices in 30-cities and developed a team of quality consultants with 75-years of dental industry experience. Knowing first-hand “what works and what doesn’t” guided her to create the “DMS Practice Enhancement Guide and Plan” designed as a team approach to success. Gayle believes that everyone is responsible for the outcome and has a way of guiding the most challenging of dental teams to realize just that. She understands the complex challenges of ownership, team development, dental insurance challenges, profitability and life balance. She confirms that “success” means different things to different people. On any given day, when it comes down to it, Dentists are looking for the same things…Success with more reward and less stress!

Clients and attendees benefit from her career experience. Gayle has shared her knowledge and expertise as a private and group practice consultant and speaker at numerous dental conferences, society conventions and study clubs with excellent ratings. Her passion and commitment in all aspects of Dentistry is evident and contagious. Her ability to encourage and inspire others to be their best even when they prefer to stay in their comfort zone is a benefit when working with her or attending a workshop.

No matter how simple or complex your project, you can count on the DMS team to support you each step of the way. We believe in win-win results and nothing less for you, your team and your patients. Our specialty is to customize your strategic plan of action with accountability and implementation support and monitoring. Our plan is for you to experience and maintain the rewards of your efforts throughout the life of your practice and ultimately not cost you a dime! More good news…Such a successful business model can be seamlessly carried over when the time comes for you to transition your successful practice to that of another Dentist. What a gift it will be to offer the same opportunity to the new dentist you will trust the care of your patients to.

A professional partnership with DMS offers you a level of service that makes a difference!

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